What is life insurance? Life insurance is a contract that exists between the policyholder (the insured) and the insurer (the insurance company). A policyholder pays a specified amount over a certain period of time to the insurance company in exchange for ensuring that a beneficiary is paid at the time the policyholder dies. This can include spouses and life partners as well as children. Insurance policies are purchased to support dependents financially in the event the policyholder becomes unable to do so. There are different types of life insurance policies,…

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Credit Card Types: Which Fits your Needs?

2020 saw Indians use their credit cards to order food and groceries online as well as for shopping and utility bill payment, according to a survey conducted by Cred. Even as credit cards offer a convenient option to make payments, you must know about the different categories to zero upon the one which suits your requirements. You can opt for reward-based cards such as lounge access credit cards, cash back credit cards e.t.c. or simply go for a basic credit card. Some banks might also offer you a free credit…

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Safeguard Yourself from Cancer

Cancer is a debilitating and life-threatening disease. It occurs when normal cells in the body mutate and grow abnormally out of control. Once this happens, the abnormal cells proliferate and begin to form a tumor. Sometimes, cancer can originate in one body part and spread to other parts. In other instances, it may be restricted to one organ. The progression of the disease is identified by stages, with the earlier stages being benign and the later stages being malignant. Symptoms and causes The main symptoms of cancer are: Unintended weight…

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Why You Should Invest Instead Of Keeping Your Money In Your Savings Account

Needless to say, as Indians, we strongly believe in the power of savings. Due to the traditional habits of accumulation of funds in our savings account, we tend to ignore the smart benefits of investment. While savings means letting your money sit safely in your lockers, investment promises the growth of your money over the due course. Investing money in the right plan or policy not only ensures the security of your family as well as your participation in the equity markets. If you’re wondering why you should invest instead…

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4 Types of Insurance And Investment Options You Should Always Have

What do investors look for when it comes to investments? Needless to say, the maximum number of investors look for a higher return on investment along with lower risks. While there are only a few investment plans that take the risk appetite of the policyholder into consideration, the rest of the policies have certain risks attached to it. Investing in a plan which only generates high gains means higher chances of loss of money. An ideal investment policy guarantees low costs as well as high returns at an affordable rate.…

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Making a Clever Determination When Shopping for Single Premium Life Insurance coverage

Making a Wise Decision When Buying Single Premium Life Insurance

Most individuals make errors when shopping for insurance coverage they usually find yourself paying excessive premiums that they might have prevented. There are numerous pitfalls when coping with this business and it is rather essential to hold out analysis earlier than buy.Most individuals are clear concerning the significance of life insurance coverage however sadly, only a few know precisely what it entails. With the large variety of choices obtainable, there is no such thing as a excuse to purchase a product that won’t give you most advantages.Analysis the optionsBefore you…

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Debunking Myths About Time period Life Insurance coverage Coverage

Debunking Myths About Term Life Insurance Policy

There is no such thing as a doubt {that a} life insurance coverage coverage could be very useful when you find yourself fascinated with the welfare of your family members. When you may have people who find themselves wanting as much as you to supply for them, it’s a must to take into consideration a state of affairs the place you aren’t round to take action.Nobody likes to consider dying, however that is one thing that may occur to everybody and planning for the inevitable will assist to determine safety…

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three Suggestions On Being A Higher Life Insurance coverage Agent

3 Tips On Being A Better Life Insurance Agent

Promoting insurance coverage is among the many hardest jobs, particularly the primary few months. Nonetheless, similar to another gross sales job, it does get higher with time. Coping with clients one-on-one wants one to have qualities that can make the potential buyer be increasingly more eager about your life insurance coverage coverage and earlier than you recognize it- the deal is closed. Listed here are some ideas that will help you in your profession as a life insurance coverage agent. Good negotiation abilities Promoting these sort of insurance policies would…

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