How women should approach their retirement planning

Gone are the days when women were dependant on someone to look after their days. Historically, your husbands might have planned for your retirement. Today, women have their own Life goals and have taken up things in their hands. However, women are still looking for the right ways to navigate the path after their working lives. They are not only re-discovering themselves in their personal as well as professional lives but also redefining retirement on their own terms.

Every woman should concentrate on the right retirement planning to live a secured life during the old age, whether she is married or unmarried. Retirement planning for women is entirely different from that of men. Let’s take a look at these two main aspects, which helps you understand the difference:

  1. High life expectancy

Women usually have a high rate of life expectancy as compared to men. Therefore, while planning for retirement, women should prepare for a longer period. If you’re dependent on your husband, you might financially suffer after his death, if you don’t have proper planning. Hence, the number of years after retirement plays a vital role, whether you’re living alone or with a husband. Moreover, you should have adequate funds for your old age as well as have an accurate knowledge about it.

  1. Less working years

As compared to western countries, the average rate of women working for fewer years is high. Many women might quit their jobs during motherhood to take care of their children. If you’re planning to work for a shorter duration, you should save more money to fulfil their financial requirements in the long run. Therefore, start your retirement planning after you start earning at a young age. Since you might have fewer responsibilities, you can build a large corpus for yourself.

Every women’s responsibility will differ from person to person. For instance, if you’re a married woman, you will have more responsibilities as compared to unmarried women. Therefore, your retirement planning will also differ based on your duties. Here are the tips you should follow if you’re a married woman:

  1. Speak to your husband about your earnings and your fund accumulation for retirement.
  2. Look for those pension plans, which are tax-efficient and offer high yields.
  3. Avoid investing in speculative funds.
  4. Plan early to ensure that you build a large corpus to secure your financial future during retirement.
  5. Get your husband/ subject matter expert involved in active decision making to keep your portfolios in sync if required.

If you’re unmarried or single, here are the following retirement tips for you:

  1. Unlike married women, you will shoulder relatively fewer responsibilities, hence, you can afford to invest in equity funds. It will allow you to obtain high returns based on market performance.
  2. Develop an emergency fund to deal with financial setbacks like medical emergencies. Moreover, it will ensure that you don’t have to depend on policies or investments in times of need.
  3. Start early and contribute to Provident Fund as much as you can afford.
  4. Do not spend your first salary on purchasing unnecessary things. Invest in a retirement plan to enjoy the benefits of the power of compounding.


To sum up, for many people, retirement is their first long-term life goal. However, for women, it’s particularly essential to look after the number and get invested during the right age. Moreover, understanding the retirement benefits will bring you a step closer to plan your financial future actively. Seek professional help in case you have any doubts or queries while planning for your retirement goals.

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